Finding calm through trauma counseling, restorative therapuetic yoga, meditation, and Herbal Hugs products.

Is your life is different now?

Maybe you are here because something traumatic happened to you, either recently or decades ago, but you’re still living with the pain and heartache. Something awful has happened and you are no longer the same. You feel lost and unable to move forward. It’s hard for your friends and family to understand what you’re feeling, and it feels like you have no support.

Trauma happens in many ways – abuse, accidents, divorce, death and it sucks the life right out of you. It can lead to depression and anxiety. It can push you into feeling more stressed and tired. Probably you’ve had sleepless nights and restless mornings and it does not feel worth it to get out of bed. Trauma can rattle you and affect all parts of your life; your relationships, your ability to work, your ability to feel safe and happy. Sometimes you feel like all is well and that you have dealt with it. You feel fine and 6 months later it feels like it just happened yesterday. This pain comes and goes, and leaves you wondering if this is the new normal, it can lead to depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts..

It is possible to feel better.

Maybe this is your first time reaching out or realizing there is something wrong. It can be scary. If you are tired of being sad and scared and you’re always thinking “is this, it? Is this all there is?” I can help. My name is Nancy and I help people navigate though traumatic life events that are keeping them back. Traumatic events can leave you feeling empty, alone and unloved. It is possible to feel better again, and I can show you how.

If any of the comments listed here sound like you, please connect with me, I would love to chat.

Take care, Nancy

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